PRO TEK E2 (USDA Rated Hand Cleaner)

PRO TEK E2 (USDA Rated Hand Cleaner)

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USDA rated hand soap gently cleanses your hands while leaving them soft & smooth. For uses in the food handling industry including food preparation and in food processing plants where contact with food is prevalent. USDA E-2 rated

Antibacterial hand soaps have been used in hospitals for ages. These soaps not only kill bacteria but also restrain the expansion of germs.  Antibacterial soaps are effective in curing and preventing fungal and bacterial infections of your skin. These soaps do not grant micro-organisms the ability to grow on your body thus preventing skin infections from bothering you. Many other skin problems such as rashes, swelling, and itching are considerably reduced by regular use of antibacterial soap. Using these soaps also gives a blemish-free skin by getting rid of acne. It is many people’s aspiration to have healthy flawless skin. This is obtainable by use of antibacterial hand soaps


  • USDA E-2 
  • Contains triclosan and vitamin E to moisturize the skin 
  • Prevents the spread of harmful bacteria in food processing facilities
  • Formulated with Vitamin
  • Perfect for Schools, Cafeterias, Kitchens, Restaurants, Food Processing Plant, Food preparation areas, etc
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